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Monday, November 15, 2010

birds and bits

With my permaculture garden taking shape in the backyard there was a need for the addition of a water element. Of course I had/have many plans for this but one we completed this weekend with the addition of a new bird (and bug!) bath.
We'd saved many parts of a tree we recently cut down (to make way for more and more practical growing space) to use around the place. How could we waste such an awesome resource? And the best bit we saved... the trunk crown...a place where Mia used to sometimes sit enjoying a birds eye view... has now made the base of our new bird bath. I dug (and dug!) it into the centre of what will soon be another large garden bed. I think it will keep all the birds that seem to be visiting us so much lately quite happy....

And for the bits... we have two new nature shelves, made from some garden hardwood.
This house seems to collect a crazy amount of oddities from the wild.
In every corner there seems to accumulate a myriad of rocks, stones, feathers, seeds, leaves, flowers, nests, bugs...dead bugs, live bugs, sticks, shells....you get the picture.
Secretly, or not so secretly, I love it....adore it.
So we made some shelves where we can let them collect together....so we can admire them all together, when we walk past or when we choose to curl up on the couch next to them reading from the book basket below or sit right there on the floor and sift through the treasures that have been collected.
I'm not kidding myself though... I have no doubt our goodies from nature will still accumulate in any other free (or not) space around here but it's still nice to have a relegated spot regardless right?

In other news...
the tooth fairy is sending us broke!
She's growing.


Tricia said...

I LOOOVE your nature shelves. I'm planning something similar with some leftover hardwood floor boards.

I love a home filled with bits and pieces 'goodies from nature'

Your daughters smile is magical :-)

Levin said...

i love your bird bath - it looks gorgeous.
and the tooth fairy is working over time here too - we have two losing teeth here!

Madeline said...

The bird bath is gorgeous! What a clever idea. Also love the nature shelves. I can't wait until we finally finish our breakfast room. I have plans for a nature shelf of sorts.