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Monday, October 18, 2010

sugar and sunshine

It's been a while between drinks, friends.
My sweet sisters comments about not updating my blog in a while with some images and words for her to look at has found me motivated to be here again.
"I haven't even blogged in ages" I almost moaned to her last week after commenting on just how long it's been since I gave the house a good clean and nosed down into my studies properly. Exactly what have I been doing lately? Other than mothering, working, updating work training, pondering and setting some new goals for myself that is!
"Gee what's it been, almost two weeks?" I casually threw out there while we were out on a rare sister date on Friday night. (We went to see this by the way...)
"The 1st of October!" she ever so quickly replied.
The surprise must have registered on my face, so she explained her disappointment every time she clicked over here to see if I'd visited and the same date popped up in the post header.
Friday, October 1, 2010.
So it was.
Call it shaken, nudged or inspired...whatever...but here I am and that's a good thing. I've missed this space of mine... as have others it seems. Love.

Happenings around my world have been varied but mostly marred by rain. An enormous amount of rain! Gratefully received of course...the earth has been rightly soaked and the dams have been releasing water with warnings of floods along the river as a result. Quite the turnaround from when we were watching that same dam receding without a raindrop in sight not too long ago! How the worm turns and how mother nature loves to remind us who's in control. I love that.
But...I also do love the sunshine and the excitement that something we so take for granted can bring when it streams through the windows first thing in the morning after quite the long hiatus.
Thanks to the last two days of glorious sun I have made some serious progress in the redesign of the back garden and have even been planting (and nursing a little case of sunburn today...how silly...yes sunburn!) Oh yes and as quickly as a single area had been slightly finished, or in some cases half finished I found myself there on hands and knees sowing seeds and transplanting seedlings straight down into it!
My newly planted green babies include more papaya, roma tomatoes (now I know I can grow tomatoes!), pigeon pea, lettuce, coriander, basil, radish and a couple of things it's probably not the right time for like perennial leeks and broad beans...but ah I couldn't help myself. It's been so long.
I've also planted a choko vine on the chicken coop for fruit and shade as during our blitz out the back a few trees have now departed, and some sugar cane setts by the cubby which we acquired by the side of the road. Sweet sugar cane...planted not before a few sections were stripped and chewed of course.
We have also been joined by a raspberry bush and a loquat tree. Very exciting and very experimental...fingers crossed!

So amidst the mothering, working, training, pondering and goal setting, there have indeed been other things afoot. Between the rain, the sun, the digging and planting there has also been quite a bit of mulberry hunting and eating; bonding with a new *Charlotte* (we love our garden creatures here) and a new craft project for this Mama.
I guess the fact the house hasn't been cleaned in so long is not such a bad thing.
I'll take the sugar and sunshine over that any day.


Anonymous said...

well, i think i can safely say my house is probably in worse shape than yours. i just...don;t know what's got into me lately, but i suppose i have the messy house syndrome??? at any rate, it's messy. the rain has been a bother, however beneficial...still a bother. but in bewteen the drop s of rain when the sun decides to shine, there has been gardening :)
and that is totally enough.

welcome back!!

Jen Cuerel said...

I'm sorry for being so demanding......but THANKS!!! Your posts are always worth the wait! And thanks for fri night. So sorry for being brainless and probably making you ashamed you know me - even worse being related. Love always, jen :)

Madeline said...

Sounds like our weather...except that we're in a lengthy dry spell right now after quite a wet summer. Nature certainly has funny ways about her. Your garden sounds wonderful. I don't think sugar cane does well here, but it grows not too far south. My dad used to bring it home as treats for us when he'd get back from business trips. :)

littlechrissy said...

Oh my gosh mulberries! We had a tree in our yard growing up, and would gorge on them after school. Best fruit in the world.

Anonymous said...

SOunds like you have been busy! Glad to see you back though :)

Julie said...

This sounds very familiar. Sometimes a couple of weeks can easily pass by for me without putting together photos and words. Beautiful pics.

Stephanie said...

Oh, I just knew it!
As soon as you said "We went to see this" - I knew it was Eat, Pray, Love.
I think I'm going by myself to see it very soon.

Abigail Jasmine said...

2 of the best things in life! wow, you are surrounded with such natural beauty- i love diving into your beauty-filled world!

huGs ~

Helmi said...

Nice blog and beautiful pictures.
grt, Helmi

m.e (Cathie) said...

just popped by for a visit & absolutely love your wonderful pics ♥