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Friday, October 1, 2010

grandad might be bored next week

Our little trip down to the farm began with a looming shape hidden under old sheets in Grandad's shed.
With the little one's distracted it made it's way to the back lawn where it was introduced to the little *rocket boy* with hilarious shrieks of "no Mia no, it's dangerous!" as his sister ran to play in it.
After a bit of convincing it wasn't a real rocket but just a toy it could not have become anything else but the very favourite thing in our days away. Though the *self* convincing on the toy factor continued with the sound of a little voice saying every now and then that indeed this fantastical rocket was just a toy. A toy of the very best wowser kind...made lovingly by Grandad over the last week from completely re purposed materials together with a seat inside, twist doorbell ignition, flip switches (sorry Grandad I don't know what they are really called) and a red doorknob stop button.
It's coming home to land in our garden soon and Bam can't wait! Thank you Grandad!

And aside from all the trips to the moon and stars during our blissful time by the sea, we did manage to squeeze in a bit of wandering, cow gazing, beach combing, swimming, enormous carrot harvesting (and eating!), and magpie dodging too. We are much refreshed and stretched and our lungs and souls are full to the brim.

With work finished for this Mama 'til next week we now get to enjoy every minute left of our school holidays complete with a fun visit here yesterday for some great felting activities, delicious lunch and chatting. We are so grateful for a real connection with a fellow blogger and family...and she is indeed as beautiful and creative as her blog inside and out. Thank you Melissa... I will become a fellow felter in no time I'm sure.
Right now we are off to prepare for our last two full days in the garden...digging, planting, creating, egg hunting and getting very very dirty. Bliss.


Vic said...

That rocket is.... I don't think I have the words...!

Not often I'm speechless, let me tell you... but I sure am jealous!



Madeline said...

I am amazed.
That rocket is just incredible. And Grandad is even more so.

Anne said...

I love your rocket.....

Lois Hughes said...

Enchanting. Such beautiful photos.

sophie munns said...

Hello Leanne,
I loved the story where excited rocket boy very excitedly warned his sister away from the dangerous real rocket!
Just fantastic!!! Grandad must have known he'd created a winner of a birthday gift at that moment!
sounds like a pleasant time was had by all... I enjoyed the BOGI Fair yesterday by the way. Thought just maybe I'd bump into your there.
have a great week!

littlechrissy said...

That is beyond awesome!
I also love your pics of the carrots - there's nothing nicer than freshly pulled crunchy carrots.

Mary Smith said...

Don't you just love farms? Your photos are incredible! What a sweet grandad!

Kristi said...

all those buttons...well done grandad.

Inoureyes said...

Oh I just found this post!
That rocket is amazing.... no wonder you little adventurer cant stop talking about rockets.
Thank you so much for the kind words.
It was wonderful to catch up with you too. And to find such a lovely person makes the blogging experience all that more magical.
We hope to see you again very soon.
I was going to invite you strawberry picking but i have been ordered by the kids to stay home untill baby is born so i guess we will be missing this season. Im sure we can find another adventure to go on though.
Love Melissa

Heather said...

That rocket is incredible!

Tricia said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Lovely photographs. And what an amzing rocket! Fun :-)

momma rae said...

wowsers!!! what an incredible gift and what an amazingly talented grandad!!!

Levin said...

wow - what an absolutely amazing gift and made so much better because it was made with love :)
we are madly harvesting carrots these days too. david is constantly amazed that they have a 'carroty' smell to them - unlike the shop bought varieties.
our holidays are sadly over and we are all counting down to the summer holidays....8 weeks, 4 days..... :)

Sabrina said...

Wow- I can really see the magic of this place in your pictures! They are all so very lovely. And Bam is one lucky kiddo- the rocket ship is amazing.

Kelly said...

Now your boy is going to remember that rocket made by his Grandad all his life. What a very lucky boy to have such a Grandad. And a wonderful refreshing trip for all of you.

Theresa said...

Sounds quite wonderful!