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Thursday, December 31, 2009

festive snippets...

I figure it's not quite too late for some festive snippets from around our parts.
But you know, to make an honest confession...
this Mama was lacking this year in just a little festive cheer.
My heart was just not thumping with that full Christmas-y feeling...you know?
Perhaps my heart was still on our island?
But, don't get me wrong.
It was filled with love watching the smiles and surprise on my little one's faces and feeling the warmth of their gratefulness and pleasure.
And I'm happy our house is filled with new treasure and creative pursuits just bursting with anticipatory making!
And I am joyfully wearing my new gift that I think I may just never...ever...take off.
And there were treats and lights and shiny things.
And there were several celebratory meals.
And there was an impromptu Christmas night in our home with almost the whole neighbourhood and their friends which almost saw the sun rise.
And I am certainly aware that this festive time was indeed filled with many, many blessings.
And, considering I did not have my camera in it's usual position permanently attached to my wrist, I did manage to capture these few snippets of our time...

And with all that goodness set in memory now... I am ready for a little settling down... and letting go of this year and moving with the motion of all the big plans we have for the next.
Happy new days friends.


5orangepotatoes said...

I love this series of shots Leanne, so festive and pretty. I didn't take a lot of pics either this Chistmas. Very weird for me.
Happy New Year, so glad to have "met" you in 2009; to 2010!

Stephanie said...

That is some tasty looking peppermint bark!

Happy New Year to you!!!

Melanie said...

Wishing you all the best in 2010 and very much looking forward to all of your creative pursuits in your new home. Have a fab time in the days ahead. Everything seems so relaxed at this time of year. I love it. Cheers!!!

Kelly said...

Happy New Year Leanne!! May it be a great one full of love and joy. My heart too has been lacking of festive cheer this Christmas but it has been good. Best wishes

Madeline said...

These photos are so very pretty and festive.
May this year bring you much love and loads of happiness!

Patricia said...

Hi Leanne
Happy 2010!!! xo

Levin (and Emily) said...

happy new year to you too. i hope that 2010 brings much joy and happiness your way.

clare's craftroom said...

Great photos . Happy New Year !

Sabrina said...

Never to too late to share in the festivities! Sounds and looks like some wonderful celebrations. Happy New Year!