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Monday, December 15, 2008

starlit sauntering

We've decided to go for evening wanders.
There are lots of Christmas lights glowing in the night of our neighbourhood.....just asking to be admired and just itching to inspire the imaginations and feed the excitement of the season for the little ones.

So with dinner enjoyed and little bodies bathed and clad in cosy pyjama's we eagerly wait....for the sun to dim, just enough, to set off on our starlit adventure....out into the warm night to find the next lot of lights and glowing houses we haven't yet seen.

We walk far with much pointing and little cries of "Sanar" (Santa) and "pitty" (pretty) ... and bigger cries of "look Mum over here" and....."I don't want to go home".
Oh there is enough for plenty more night time sauntering yet.
And just now, tonight, two little bodies have curled into bed and drifted easily off into sleep....I wonder what colours they are dreaming of?


Sabrina said...

What a lovely way to invite the holiday into the little ones' dreams. So nice that the weather is mild enough to walk and wander about after
night fall.

Madeline said...

How pretty! I can't wait until my little guy is old enough to enjoy the lights.

Kathy said...

I must admit I'm not the most festive person in the world, but Scott drags me around to see all the lights too. The kids absolutely adore it, and I think it's (slowly) rubbing off on me.

Pretty shots.

jodi said...

oh so much excitement!

Amber said...

Oh that is gorgeous. Sounds exciting.
We did this last week two and my babies almost burst with excitment.