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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

::: The Paradise Tree :::

Last night saw a tree shining with tiny lights warming our living room with its special glow.... hopefully similar to the beauty of the stars which inspired Martin Luther to hang lights from an evergreen on a wintry Christmas Eve in 1500.

Our tree sparkled as little fingers hung small treasures and decorations on it's branches..... and little people sang and squealed with laughter letting the excitement thumping in their chests take them away with the magic they were creating in our home.... do you remember that feeling?

And it was so magical even the moon was smiling at us.......did you see it?

What a bewitching sight for this 1st of December evening......

(Photo by Paul Salanitri)


Jules said...

yes the magic, I remember.... just.

thanks for the reminder

Amber said...

Oh gorgeous. How great is this month.
Your christmas tree looks lovely. Happy festive season to you..xx

Sabrina said...

Oh, you describe this magical evening so beautifully! And your tree looks most pretty. Seeing these photos and the sparkle of the lights makes me long to get our tree and bring out the decorations.

karenjane said...

i love your moon picture! your tree looks beautiful with its twinkiling 'stars'
christmas trees make me feel so excited about the lovely family and holiday moments soon to come

jodi said...

happy happy christmas time. So magical!

Levin (and Emily) said...

i tried so hard to get a picture of the moon like that but failed miserably! never mind, you have captured the moment for me - thank you!
we are putting the christmas tree up this weekend. the children are all besides themselves - they can't wait. i love christmas - i love how excited my kids get - it's not about the presents, it's about the anticipation!
merry christmas

Leanne Lonergan said...

Hi Leanne! I captured the moon picture too...It was a lovely sight...quite positive and uplifting!
You have created a beautiful ambience with your tree!