...Homemade Rainbows...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

oranges and lemons....

the bells of St Clements...
I keep finding I'm singing this to myself lately.
Winter is definitely all about citrus.
And winter is also all about warm desserts.
You know helping you add that extra unwanted layer for warmth over the cooler months? Hmm.
Well this year, even though it's still not quite officially Winter yet, I've been blessed with picking my own citrus from the backyard. Finally. My first real lemon harvest and my first ever oranges.
A small modest harvest, yes.
A little seedy, yes.
But super sweet and *real* tasting, oh yes.
Am I a bit chuffed? Yes indeed!
And for me Winter citrus just has to be turned into a warm citrus delicious. Aside from a rustic apple crumble it's my next favourite cold night dessert. A creamy warm tangy self saucing pud with the lightest spongy meringue top. So so good with a hot aromatic cuppa.
So good indeed I've made it twice this week already.
So what's helping you layer your bones for warmth this season?


Anonymous said...

Looks good. My first one crop is this year too - I don't want to take them off the tree they look so good and impressive just hanging there.

jodi said...

oh the pud sounds unbelievably good. I've been craving apple pie with ice-cream of late and haven't yet succumbed to it. Perhaps this weekend...x

Amanda said...

Your harvest, and dessert are gorgeous.

It's supposed to be 90* today, and 101* on Friday. Dreaming about cooler temperatures and finding warmth is well, just a dream in these parts!

much love,

Lizeylou said...

Wish you lived near me so I could pop around for a cuppa and some of that yummy yummy looking pud. Total envy!