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Monday, February 8, 2010

::: monday's summer pics :::

Week 11.
While still reeling from the fact we are in week 11...ELEVEN... of summer already...here is one from the archives (well this summers archives).
Appropriate because we are getting so much soaking stormy rain right now.
Beautiful after such a long drought...
and with the garden winding down and tired after our hot Australian summer it is giving it some greenness, saving it from looking too sad, summer bug munched and well...spent.
It's almost time for that overhaul.
The emptying of beds and enriching with compost.
The sowing of all my favourite nourishing leafy winter greens and beans.
Though with gratitude the *girls* are laying again...the worms are breeding and we've still been enjoying the last of the cucumbers plus cherry tomatoes (with beautiful swelling Roma's still to come), finger eggplants, sunflowers, mint, rocket, basil, strawberries and amaranth.
We are also looking forward to more papaya's, lemons, capsicum, chilli and probably an extra excess of banana's to come again now in Autumn.

And with each downpour and midnight storm we gently seem to be waking to subtly cooler mornings and shadows that lay just a little longer across the ground.
It's not just the garden that is winding down.


Kristi said...

I am hung up on eleven weeks too. It sounds like your days are matching perfectly with the nature of things.

Jennifer said...

I find your Monday Summer Pics so refreshing. Being on the other side we are winding down as well, we get days that feel more like spring than winter. Everything is clearly different, yet very similar as well. Sounds like your summer was an abundant one. Thank you again for sharing your summer with me.

Madeline said...

The change of seasons is so lovely to think about right now. Especially since our winter is winding down into spring. I don't think spring has ever been so welcome over here.

I've loved seeing your summer photos.

Sabrina said...

That picture is breathtaking! The change in seasons is very exciting...perhaps those are my favorite times in the year.

Enjoy your garden's bounty!

Stephanie said...

I love that picture so much, too. Really, really beautiful.
I'm getting ready for summer. :)

Heather said...

That is such a gorgeous picture. The colors are amazing.
It is hard to believe that we are getting towards another changing of the seasons. Your garden is winding down, and I am thinking ahead to the new life of mine.
Time sure flies

Anne said...

What a beautiful picture...I just got back from the South Coast about a month ago. I'm already craving to get down there to the ocean again soon. I love it up here in the Mountains but we're soooo far from the beach. When I see beautiful pictures like yours, I miss it even more ...:)

I was reading you previous post about the Wax Jambus. Wow, what a find. I have never heard of them before. Do the wild birds eat them? I could imagine that up here in the mountains they wouldn't last long on the trees. :)

Mary Smith said...

Your post puts a little summer in my heart. Thanks so much!

Tricia said...

All those wonderful treasures from your garden! I'm ready for a change in season...Summer was lovely -- but some cooler weather would be nice.