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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

vernal flowers fruits seeds

It's almost the end of Spring!
Life has been busy around here. Nothing spectacular just yet (though there are plans...yes grand plans I may share with you soon). It's just been the *simple* life which somehow and in some way with little one's and an impending festive season plus a fair bit of climbing that back fence, is just as busy as anything else can be... and in the meantime a hot hot Spring has been passing us by.
The garden has been a slightly neglected and needy constant...yet in it's constant way it has not disappointed me but provided.... in both small ways and large.
And so as promised I have a happy seasonal update for you from the patch.
True to the 12 weeks of Spring it is a photo heavy post with indeed 12 springtide photos from right out my back door....
My vernal flowers, fruits and seeds.

So yes there have been flowers and fruits and seeds this season.
There has been pretty coriander.
Rocket and basil to set seed to dry and collect.
There has been a *super* lettuce of the tastiest and largest kind that made us wait before it would seed in the most amazing manner. And right next door is the super beet that is still fattening and still not yet setting seed. But I am patient and will wait for such fantastic genetic pods to resow next winter. Maybe that spot in the garden should be labelled the *super* spot?
There have been herbs, chard, beets, mulberry treats and many many papaya's (still). Salads of all kinds!
There have been small harvests of golden zucchini....before the fruit fly broke my heart.
There have been changes of plans from eating more small golden zucchini to cutting my losses and sacrificing the plants and harvesting all the blooms for a delicious treat of gluten free smoked salmon and fetta stuffed zucchini flowers.
There are cucurbits to fill any belly. Lemon and giant russian cucumbers...quite the novelty....though with the extra heat around this year it is not as lush a display as last but just as productive.
And upon revisiting that the slowing down does sound good too though doesn't it?
With Summer and Christmas just around the corner a little post Spring slowing down could only be a good thing amongst all the munching and replanting of flowers, fruits and seeds that needs to be done here out the back.

P.S Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts last post. It is done now. There was heartbreak, surprising strength and peace that afternoon. And I will heal.


Shine a Little Light said...

WoW! What a productive garden! I love it! That picture popf them in the basket is just too divine for words! Yum! *s*

Anne said...

Beautiful photos....:)

Tricia said...

Lovely garden pictures.

I just shed a little tear for Sahn. I'm so glad you have found strength and peach. Sometimes the waiting and decision making is the hardest part.

Madeline said...

So glad that you are healing.

And, that garden is making my tummy growl. How delicious it all looks! I do hope you'll share your fried zucchini blossoms recipe. It sounds delicious. I usually just stuff mine with some local garlic goat cheese. Now I think salmon and feta need to be on springs shopping list. :)

littlechrissy said...

Wow I am SO hungry after seeing the zucchini flowers! I adore reading about your little corner of the world. Cx

Stephanie said...

Fantastically so.

global mamas said...

Gorgeous shots...so inspiring!

Sabrina said...

Oh you're making me miss all that freshness from last summer. With my CSA done and the garden at rest, I'm back to shopping at the grocery store. At least I can feast my eyes on all the gorgeous things growing at your place. Enjoy all of those delicious, healthful treats!

Healthy Shift Worker said...

What a colourful and healthy back yard you have!

Jodi said...

Oh how I wish we had more warmer days sooner down here in the south BUT I am hopeful of eating tomatoes by Christmas. My deepest sympathieas for your loss.xo

Kelly said...

So much garden joy! I love the golden zucchini.

gardenmama said...

gorgeous! gorgeous! ...sigh... : )
many warm wishes mama!

prashant said...

How delicious it all looks! I do hope you'll share your fried zucchini blossoms recipe.

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Bird Bath said...

oh your garden photos are so inspirational! you must have a very green thumb...either that or you are extremely dedicated. I bet your garden has also given you some solace during difficult times.