...Homemade Rainbows...

Saturday, September 26, 2009


School holidays have been providing us this week with time to indulge ourselves a little.
Time to take things slower and potter and plan and create and play.

My girl has had time to find her own feet again and taste her own rhythm....a small saunter into her growing self.
And I have found the moments within this new found freedom now to both observe hungrily and participate at her request. School holidays are growing sweeter and richer here indeed.

I've also found a few moments for myself. Not so much for the Mama but for Me. Just a few dreamy moments to feed all those other parts of myself that need nurturing... mostly through the form of books like this one (again) and this and this. A nice satisfactory selection of reading sitting right on my bedside and some following me throughout my day. Handmade Home fell lovingly into my lap from a generous giveaway by Melissa...Thank you again Melissa! I believe the universe met with my wish the day my name was drawn by your sweet girls!

As I write I can also smell more dust from our second dust storm of the week and can see, even in the dark, the misty thick signs of its surrounding us in the glow of our neighbours lights through my window. A reminder that I will have more indulging to do this next week....maybe in the form of some serious cleaning up! Despite closed windows and doors the floors and everything we touch is gritty, the shelves are layered in a fine talc and I expect in the morning I will be greeted with the sight of more than a layer of our Australian red dirt over everything outside also.
Ahh mother Earth....she likes to indulge sometimes too.

(Melissa also has some great photo's of storm number one as we experienced it on her blog too.)


Stephanie said...

Sounds lovely.
(other than the dust, but you have to allow for it, as you said.)

Enjoy your holiday!

Inoureyes said...

Those passion fruits look great. The lot that i blogged about a week or too ago.... I came outside to fine Ellie jumping on them one by one! She went through the lot. The ethics of what we eat looks like an interesting book.
I woke up this morning with the taste of dirt in my mouth from our murky night. Would be great to get some rain for the outside so the wind doesn't mess up what we clean...again.
I'm glad you love your book. We had fun giving two of them away. It was only Ellie who drew it out of the hat (my girl of many faces)
Cant wait to see what you make from it!

T said...

Hey we have the same fruits here, right on our own backyard vine!

gardenmama said...

beautiful photos leanne!
i always enjoy seeing a piece of your day! many warm wishes to you xo

5 orange potatoes said...

didn't realize you had 2 dust storms; just saw the on on American tv (ha, not the best place to get worldly news). we have never had passionfruit directly from the fruit. i must find one to try, looks good!

good luck with the clean up.

Madeline said...

Yikes! Good luck with the dust clean up.
...Your booklist sounds wonderful. Handmade Home is currently on my bedside table, and I'm loving it.

Anne said...

YUM! I love passion fruit..:)

I didn't notice the second dust storm up here.
But the first one was amazing waking up to that red glow.
My herbs and kale have red dust all over them YUM!

Amber said...

beautiful moments and yes we now have the refreshing rain washing away some of the gritty dust. I hope it has made it your way too....xxx

katiecrackernuts said...

I just love these photos - love the way you've used the spoon and empty passionfruit together and on the blog header. Sigh. Lovely.